Half Full Cup of Heart & Gut

I always wonder if I did something to deserve this shit, karmically. For real.

It’s amazing that one girl could be so insecure that in order to validate her worth she must destroy everything beautiful around her.

I had to change my phone number yesterday due to such a female. I feel sorry for her really. She’s a shell of a person. She has no presence, and over sexualizes herself to get attention. Anyhow, whenever someone pissed her off she does bat shit crazy things like peeing on said persons belongings, or her personal favorite, posting their pictures and number on Cragslist.

At about 5 pm yesterday, Lisa and I were walking into Taco Bell and I recieved a message from an unknown number reading, “What’s up, Slut”… I just ignored it and went about my business. I picked up my phone a few minutes later and had about 30 texts from different numbers (pictures included) that pretty much clued me in to the fact that she put my info online and advertised me as a transvestite. We had a good laugh, drove a block to Tmobile, and changed my number.

I feel no need to retaliate, let alone mention it outside of this post. Her reputation is punishment enough for her. I’ve been feeling like a shitty person lately over my legal issues and lack of a genuine life, and this experience actually cheered me up. There are people who make shitty decisions, and then there are shitty people.. she is the latter.


Hipster Sculptures

Photographer Léo Caillard has created a series of photographs that has classic sculptures dressed as hipsters. 

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Everyone is happy, and I’m just over here waiting for it all to end.


This is the funniest thing to ever happen to Canada

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